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Battling the Bullies–Using Audio for Internet Reputation Management

Battling the Bullies–Using Audio for Internet Reputation Management Http://LeonardSipes.Com Note: Good writers visualize their readers. I see a women/girl being the victim of internet bullies posting photos or salacious stories on Facebook and related social sites. This article is for her. There was an article in the New York Times addressing reputation management. The fundamentalRead… Read more »

12 Signs You Might Be A Bully

There has been a great deal of attention focused on the issue of bullying among children. The news media frequently highlights cases of bullying among children that at times result in a child that has been bullied committing suicide. Bullying among adults especially in the workplace also happens more than it should and is drawingRead… Read more »

Bullies and Victims Make Us All Losers

With approval ratings firmly ensconced in the single-digits, it is no surprise that Americans are fed-up with Congress. In the announcing of his retirement, long-time member Barney Frank of Massachusetts has become emblematic of the corrosive morass the People’s House has become and his persona a reflection of the daily battles in which our mediaRead… Read more »