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Workplace Violence/Harassment Policies

Better To Be Prepared… Than Being Accused of Not Being Responsive To… “Shhh… ! We don’t discuss this here. Besides, it will never happen..” What am I alluding to, here? Workplace Violence. Even though we are all familiar with the phrase “going postal,” does your agency have a formal, up-to-date, policy regarding this type of situation? How aboutRead… Read more »

Call for Comments to the EEOC’s new strategic plan due 9/18

It seems that change is afoot. The EEOC is seeking public comments (see below) on a proposed new strategic plan that it hopes will be more effective than the EEOC’s prior practice of filing individual lawsuits against select employers. In its new plan, the EEOC says it will strategically attack practices and issues that adverselyRead… Read more »

Submission to Bullying Inquiry : The Totalitarian Practices of Corporate Human Resources

The Australian bullying recently announced an inquiry into workplace bullying. The public service should be leading the way in putting a stop to workplace bullying. Sadly, the reality is that there is a gap between what is espoused and what actually happens in the Australian Public Service. Ticking the boxes on administrative processes is notRead… Read more »

The Good Workplace Snitch

“This place is a hell hole. If I had a car today I would up and quit.” This was a real Facebook post, though not too uncommon, and shared by a social network “friend” with their mutual employer! Facebook “snitching”, as it’s been coined, has prompted a lot of discussion among HR professionals who areRead… Read more »

12 Signs You Might Be A Bully

There has been a great deal of attention focused on the issue of bullying among children. The news media frequently highlights cases of bullying among children that at times result in a child that has been bullied committing suicide. Bullying among adults especially in the workplace also happens more than it should and is drawingRead… Read more »