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How to Improve your Scores on the Federal Employees Viewpoint Survey

Thought you might be interested in this article I wrote regarding how to improve your scores on the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey: The results of the latest government-wide Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey have been released. Over 687,000 federal employees completed the FEVS survey, and according to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (PDF): The 2012Read… Read more »

Article on Visual Management

Check out my new article on visual management posted at Eighteen years ago, I walked into an organization, took at quick look at its space and quickly realized that it had only one sign up anywhere. The sign was on a supervisor’s desk and said, “What part of ‘no’don’t you understand?” Recently, I walkedRead… Read more »

VA Takes Bold Steps in Using Research to Repair Supplier Relationships

When doing research regarding perceptions and attitudes of key stakeholders, it is often very challenging to gain feedback that may be brutally honest or even negative. The reality is that the most honest feedback from research is always the most valuable and provides organizations with the insights needed to enhance performance. The Department of VeteranRead… Read more »

Winning the Hearts and Minds of Government Employees

Here is part of an article I wrote on the above topic: There are many things that management can do which will enable the top 10% to prevail, and more importantly, transform the employees into a workforce that is committed, not merely compliant. However, given the space limitations of this column, I’m going to focusRead… Read more »

Visual Management in Government

Shaping Space for Success: The Power of Visual Management by Stewart Liff Visual management can help your agency deliver better service. Combining performance management, human resources management, organization design principles and fine arts shapes your environment to positively influence your employees and improve overall performance. Take a moment to look around at your workspace. WhatRead… Read more »

New Article on Performance Management/Writing Standards

Check out the following article I wrote on the above topic on Improving Government Performance – Part Four Writing employee performance standards… By Stewart Liff Mar 15 2012, 05:42 AM In my last column, I talked about how to establish performance metrics. Today I am going to discuss one of the most difficult aspectsRead… Read more »

Bullies and Victims Make Us All Losers

With approval ratings firmly ensconced in the single-digits, it is no surprise that Americans are fed-up with Congress. In the announcing of his retirement, long-time member Barney Frank of Massachusetts has become emblematic of the corrosive morass the People’s House has become and his persona a reflection of the daily battles in which our mediaRead… Read more »

Six Agencies to Test New Performance Management Model

http:// From the Federal Times: “The National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations today approved a package of reforms it hopes will overhaul how the government manages employees’ performance. Six agencies — the Veterans Affairs, Housing and Urban Development, Energy and Labor departments, the Coast Guard and the Office of Personnel Management — will pilot testRead… Read more »