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Island GovCamp, interactive word clouds (Puffin shaped) and more…

This is the fourth in a series of posts about a recent trip to Orkney. Previous posts: Covered my visit from a personal perspective Talked about Northern BlueLightCamp; and A mini-post with an interactive Puffin-shaped word cloud This post covers some of the Island GovCamp sessions which took place over the weekend. Blogs and articlesRead… Read more »

Raising the Bar on the Procurement Profession

Rick Grimm, CPPO, CPPB, Executive Vice President/ CEO of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing; Marcheta E. Gillespie, CPPO, C.P.M., CPPB, CPM, Deputy Director for the City of Tucson’s Department of Procurement; and Tom Sadowski, former Director of Accounting for the State of Missouri and the University of Missouri, Association of Government Accountants (AGA), discussRead… Read more »