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So what did Govcamp ever do for us?

Its easy to pick holes in most things and I am pretty good at doing it myself. Indeed it is also easy to find fault with Govcamp and the unconference format; and I can certainly see some things we can improve on regarding organising the event. However that does sound a bit odd ‘organising anRead… Read more »

Island GovCamp, interactive word clouds (Puffin shaped) and more…

This is the fourth in a series of posts about a recent trip to Orkney. Previous posts: Covered my visit from a personal perspective Talked about Northern BlueLightCamp; and A mini-post with an interactive Puffin-shaped word cloud This post covers some of the Island GovCamp sessions which took place over the weekend. Blogs and articlesRead… Read more »

Lloyd on GovCamp

The group blog collecting people’s thoughts is really good reading. Lloyd hits the nail on the head here: We do it this way because it works and because we’ve seen the alternative really fail big time again and again. Because it’s unusual for most of us and outside of our everyday experience, it’s tempting toRead… Read more »

GovLoop’s Steve Ressler Rocks the Public Sector

In every big city there’s an underground, and in every large online movement there are undercurrents. In the Government 2.0 space that undercurrent is taking place on GovLoop, a relatively new, Ning-based social network with more than 8,000 public sector or related members. The man behind GovLoop is Steve Ressler, who also was one ofRead… Read more »