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Overcoming Challenges to Shared-Services Success

At the Alliance for Innovation’s recent Transforming Local Government conference, Virginia Beach was awarded a 2015 Innovation Award for its shared-service plan with Norfolk and Chesapeake. Too often, people weigh the cost savings and efficiency of shared services against the risk of job loss and political difficulties and conclude it’s just not worth it. In working… Read more »

Managing Your Time While Managing Your Social Media

This post originally appeared on my external blog, “Social Media Strategery.” Thanks to Katie Mercado, I had the opportunity to give a presentation on time management and social media at today’s 33rd Annual PRSA Maryland Chesapeake Conference. I was actually a little surprised when Katie approached as I feel like there’s so much more that… Read more »

Mute swans- victim or nemesis?

Check out this recent WAPO article: (you might need to create a free profile- sorry!) Invasive species posed real, dynamic threats to a variety of threatened and endangered environments; solutions to these problems are elusive and often occur at the intersection of science, society, and economics. Opinions welcome!