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Read the Declaration of Independence

An Act of Treason; Not a Law The Declaration of Independence was more a process than a moment in history. This act of treason against an empire sparked the Revolutionary War and, eventually, the United States of America. It is not, and has never been, a law, but it is worth reading. This week, AmericansRead… Read more »

Australia – Declaration of Open Government made by Lindsay Tanner

On 16 July Lindsay Tanner, Minister for Finance and Deregulation issued the Declaration of Open Government on behalf of the Australian Government. A fantastic job by many people with talent, foresight, courage and passion. Absolutely fantastic and a breath of fresh air for public servants and the community. Now the hard work begins to createRead… Read more »

The road to Malmö: government reform from the bottom up

As I had noted before, I participated in a Brussels workshop (March 2009) called Public Services 2.0 that left a small legacy: a group of people – just a couple of dozens, from all over the planet, rallied around David Osimo and Paul Johnston. This group has the knowledge and the stamina to try andRead… Read more »