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Players and Doers

Players learn the commands for the video game and run up the score. Doers learn how to do something to get results. Players value image – being in the right place, knowing the right people, being included in the right projects. Doers value completion – collaboration moving the project forward, process improvement to gain efficiency,Read… Read more »

What Happens When Leaders Ask ‘Why Do We Do This?’

Young children are legendary for asking Why? Why? Why? when seeking to learn. Adults, however, tend to simply do what’s been done before without asking – why do we do this? An experience to consider. When appointed as head of operations years ago, I suspended a dozen reports compiled by the accounting department without announcingRead… Read more »

The Doer’s Theorem

When talking with a person in transition he said: While I was working, the world changed! Even before the recession this was too often the case – a shocking discovery for far too many people. Moore’s Law predicts processing speed of chips will double every 18 months, as a result the cost per computation dropsRead… Read more »