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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Cool Government Drones

Combine smartphones, robots, and a little R.C. car action, then take the result to air and you’ve got drones. Chances are, you’ve already been wowed by eye-in-the-sky drone footage. Perhaps you’ve been gobsmacked by the video showing the extent of the Nepal earthquake damage in Kathmandu or the one of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Or maybe you’ve simply delightedRead… Read more »

Dun, Dun, Dun, DRONE! USGS is up in the Air

Drones. The word sends shivers down the spines of some Americans, but these remotely piloted aircraft are poised to make huge inroads in the national airspace. “Despite the fact that most people link unmanned aircraft systems with intelligence agencies and the military, the federal government’s drones user base extends well beyond spies and soldiers, reportsRead… Read more »

These Are The Drones You’re Looking For

Growth and rapid changes in the American economy often come from military spending. The Wright Brothers had funding from a U.S. Army contract that helped pave the wave for today’s global airlines. Atomic weapons begot atomic power after the Second World War. Civilian satellites for research came after NASA developed space technologies. The precursor toRead… Read more »

New Groups

I am inviting everyone to join and participate in the 2 new groups that have been “stood up” Group Name: BYOD: To Perhaps Centralize all the discussion(s) going on regarding the relative hot topic of “Bring Your Own Device” Discussions that have been posted include: The Next Level (Tablets) Hidden Costs of BYOD Enterprise AccessRead… Read more »