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A Brief History of Open Data and GIS

The following is an excerpt from our latest guide on Open Data & GIS: Better Understanding Our World. In December 2007, a group of open data activists met in Sebastopol, California to discuss the promise of open data for government. This meeting would set the foundation for the open data movement, and help set intoRead… Read more »

How Mapmaking Facilitates Improved Storytelling

Mapmaking has helped government agencies tell better stories In the late 1800s, Charles Joseph Minard created a map charting the losses suffered by Napoleon’s army in their attempted conquest of Russia in 1812. Edward Tufte, world-renowned expert in data visualization, refers to Minard’s visualization as “one of the greatest ever.” Minard’s chart is a greatRead… Read more »

Esri Powers Security Efforts at Super Bowl

At a recent GovLoop and Esri meetup, Benton Yteman, director of solutions development and Captain Steve Pollackov, FDNY GIS Unit told the compelling story of how they leveraged PenBay Solutions and Esri’s ArcGIS Online to develop an application to meet all the security needs for the 2014 Super Bowl. Brian Lantz, public safety sales director,Read… Read more »

10 Steps to Create More Resilient Communities

Often when we think about government, we think of a slow, bureaucratic system that cannot adopt quickly to change. But many government organizations have fought through these stereotypes and transformed their agencies into lean and agile institutions, able to meet the complex demands of public sector service delivery. How? Transformative organizations understand that the keyRead… Read more »

Why Geography Matters More Than Ever Before

In today’s world, geography matters more than ever before. Our ability to understand how our actions impact location is essential to building safer and more resilient communities. Mastering geography is the key to gain insights to deliver improved services. It’s helping government see environmental impacts, analyze demographics and gain knowledge of the context and contentRead… Read more »

The Inside Track on Open Data

There’s no denying that today’s technology provides immense opportunity to transform the way government engages with citizens. Through mobile, cloud, GIS and social media, government can be where the citizens are, and provide critical services when needed. At the heart of this technological transformation lies data. That’s why so many agencies have committed themselves toRead… Read more »

Esri Launches Climate Resilience App Challenge

Last June, President Obama released a comprehensive Climate Action Plan. The plan is an aggressive approach to reduce Americans’ reliance on oil, cut carbon emissions and create sustainable communities. But the efforts aren’t only about preserving and protecting America’s beautiful natural resources – they’re also about improving public health. The administration’s Climate Action Plan remindsRead… Read more »

A History of Transformation: Innovations From the Intelligence Community

This is Part II of National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Director, Letitia A. Long’s Keynote presentation at the 2014 Esri Federal GIS Conference. Read Part I here: Discovering the Unknowns: The Importance of Geospatial Intelligence. During the keynote address, Director Long provided insights as to how the intelligence community has evolved. “I will tell you thatRead… Read more »

Discovering the Unknowns: The Importance of Geospatial Intelligence

The 2014 Esri Federal GIS conference was filled with insights on the latest GIS developments and Esri announcements. The annual event is a great opportunity to connect with peers in government. The theme of this year’s conference, Integrating Government, highlighted how GIS is able to connect various IT trends, such as big data, mobile, cloudRead… Read more »

Dangermond Kicks-Off Esri Federal GIS Conference – Plenary Wrap-Up

Today kicks off Esri’s annual Federal GIS Conference. The conference is a two-day event featuring over 100 Professional Development Workshops, five in-depth Immersion Summits, a show floor with over 80 partners, two plenary sessions, and over 12 hours of detailed training at Esri’s Hands-On Learning Lab. The event connects policy makers, analysts, and staff throughoutRead… Read more »