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TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

Stocks were up for the week but were off their highs as they peaked intraday Wednesday after a couples days of relentless buying. Stocks sold off Thursday which continued into Friday but the dip buyers were back in play by mid-day to keep stocks in positive territory for the week. The F-fund lagged as it… Read more »

Follow the $$$ Again?

“Follow the money,” the now iconic line from the Watergate scandal, urged reporters Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward to follow the money trail to root out government corruption. But, just as Bernstein and Woodward discovered, following the government money trail can be incredibly difficult. The reason? Funds from different programs often overlap or are reported… Read more »

TSP Talk Weekly Wrap Up

We saw some interesting action this four day week producing a potential bottom to these January woes. Nothing is certain but the bulls do have a little momentum on their side as we run into earnings season. Although the day ended in negative territory, Wednesday’s reversal gave buyers some confidence. The bulls followed up with… Read more »

3 Reasons why Millennials Can’t Skimp on Retirement Savings

We’ve all thrown money away on outlandish purchases. As a freshman in college, I was a student worker earning minimum wage. Naturally, I thought spending a cool $500 on skateboarding sneakers was reasonable. I did not skate, mind you, but that’s beside the point. My supervisor at the time, perhaps sensing a perilous financial future,… Read more »