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Who are you rooting for on the ice?

Happy Friday Everyone! Time for our weekly GEICO Friday Fun Video! Well folks, it’s winter time, which means one thing: hockey season. Who are you rooting for on the ice? Check out how hockey has changed over the past 75 years: What was the best thing about GEICO 75 years ago? The savings. And they’reRead… Read more »

Pothole Ever Get You Down?

Happy Friday, everyone! If there is one thing I’ve experienced while driving through various cities, it’s been the potholes. A small bump in the road can instantly turn your tire flat and your commute sour. As cities go through climate changes, wear and tear of roadways starts to show in the form of potholes. However,Read… Read more »

Dress to Impress!

Happy Friday everyone! It’s time for another GEICO Friday fun video! I always say that when you look your best, you do your best. But what about when you are a handsome green gecko? Hmm, this makes me wonder. Where in the world can you buy a gecko-sized suit? ————————————– GEICO was created in 1936Read… Read more »

Does it Take Two to Tango?

Happy Friday everyone! They always say, three’s a crowd, but does it take two to tango? I think it’s safe to say, yes. Check back for next week’s GEICO Friday Fun Video! ———————————– GEICO was created in 1936 to provide auto insurance to federal government employees and their families. 75 years later, GEICO is oneRead… Read more »

The GEICO Gecko’s Epic Journey Continues

Happy Friday everyone! As we have seen, the GEICO Gecko has begun a journey across the nation Where has the his epic quest taken him? Check out this week’s GEICO Friday Fun Video to find out! If only the Gecko could us money on parking tickets… ——————————————— GEICO was created in 1936 to provide autoRead… Read more »