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Cybersecurity Threat Landscape Expanding at a Rapid Clip Globally

A new report released by the cybersecurity firm, Mandiant, a FireEye Company, concluded that the cybersecurity threat landscape is expanding at a rapid clip globally. This year’s report also highlighted the continuing emergence of Iranian-based attacks that are increasingly becoming more targeted. In Mandiant’s annual M-Trends: Beyond the Breach assessment of cybersecurity trends, the companyRead… Read more »

WikiLeaks’ Support Wavers

The hacker collective Anonymous has long been a supporter of WikiLeaks, due to their mutual goal to unearth government secrecy. But that relationship seems to be fading away. Due to the obvious anonymity of Anonymous, few details are available, but Tweets like, “We…withdraw out support (of WikiLeaks)” point to a break-up. The recent disagreement betweenRead… Read more »