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Cybersecurity Threat Landscape Expanding at a Rapid Clip Globally

A new report released by the cybersecurity firm, Mandiant, a FireEye Company, concluded that the cybersecurity threat landscape is expanding at a rapid clip globally. This year’s report also highlighted the continuing emergence of Iranian-based attacks that are increasingly becoming more targeted. In Mandiant’s annual M-Trends: Beyond the Breach assessment of cybersecurity trends, the companyRead… Read more »

Parody Site for DC Metro Riders Launches

There’s a multitude of great websites out there that we all secretly have bookmarked and that we find ourselves drawn to for a quick laugh or to waste away some hours of unmitigated boredom. Indeed, such sites can become the bane of our existence and an outlet for procrastination when there’s work to be done,Read… Read more »

Gaming For Clarity Recognizes Intelligence Biases

A recent press report quoted unnamed US intelligence sources saying Russia had no intention of invading the Ukraine. The appraisal became the subject of considerable debate when Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his nation’s military into Ukraine’s Crimea region. Follow-on media reports said strategic assessments had been made by US intelligence and defense authorities thatRead… Read more »