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The pundits all seem to be asking, “What went wrong with the rollout of” But there is a bigger more substantial question for government. Why does government struggle with large procurements? That is the questions that Raj Sharma asked in his piece in the Public Spend Forum:, A Procurement Problem or a ProgramRead… Read more » Contractors Head to the Hill – Plus the DorobekINSIDER’s 7 Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: Back in the 1800s the US passed legislation that created the civil service. The civil service was meant to be a group of people that were performing for the country and because that could put them into all sorts of political crosshairs they were afforded some protections. To this day theRead… Read more » – 3 Tips for Improvement with Clay Johnson

Last Tuesday the Obama Administration unveiled Affordable Care Act mandated the Department of Health and Human Services to build an online exchange, or Internet store, to let uninsured consumers compare and buy plans offered by private insurance companies. But almost immediately problems started to pop up. The website was overwhelmed by up to fiveRead… Read more »

GovLaunch: 8 Questions with

Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that GovLoop has created a new series called GovLaunch. Basically, we’re highlighting the hot-off-the-press websites, apps and projects coming out of government – the “New Innovations of Government 2.0”, if you will. In fact, we blogged about it on the Huffington Post in case you missed it!Read… Read more »