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Combined Applications Can Help Bring a Human-Centered Approach to Public Services

Allowing people to apply for multiple programs using one application can provide a much simpler and easier experience of accessing government services.

Flexible Benefits Linked to Better Job Satisfaction

Federal agencies looking to retain and attract talent know that they need to lean hard on their ability to offer good benefits as part of the overall compensation package. But the traditional benefits portfolio might not be enough. A new survey, conducted from May to June 2021, shows the extent to which increased flexibility inRead… Read more »

5 Moments in Life to Re-evaluate Your Life Insurance Needs

The pandemic has made two things clear: First, no one is free from uncertainty and the many effects, financial and otherwise, uncertainty can introduce. Second, there’s nothing more important than family. The additional challenges of living in a COVID-19 world have led many of us to reassess our priorities and prepare for uncertainties. It makesRead… Read more »