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McMillan: Eight Rules of E-Filing

James E. McMillan of the National Center for State Courts has begun a new series of posts on court e-filing systems, entitled Eight Rules of E-Filing, at Court Technology Bulletin. (Click here for Part 2 in the series.) Mr. McMillan explains that in many U.S. court systems, “physical case files” continue to play a prominentRead… Read more »

Legal Informatics Papers @ ECEG 2011

The following legal informatics papers were presented at ECEG 2011: The 11th European Conference on eGovernment, held 16-17 June 2011, at the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Administration, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. (If you know of other legal informatics papers presented at the conference, please feel free to identify them in the comments; click here forRead… Read more »

Velicogna et al. on e-Justice in France: The e-Barreau Experience

Marco Velicogna of IRSIG‐CNR, and Antoine Errera and Stéphane Derlange, both of Tribunal administratif de Paris, have published e-Justice in France: The e-Barreau Experience, Utrecht Law Review, 7(1), 163-187 (2011). Here is the abstract: Recent field research projects in the justice sector have shown how the development of e-justice entails much more than developing, installingRead… Read more »

Hilhorst & van Engers on E-dossier at the Dutch Council of State: Design, Implementation and Lessons Learned

Dr. Richard Hilhorst of Raad van State and Professor Dr. Tom van Engers of the Leibniz Center for Law at the University of Amsterdam, have published E-dossier at the Dutch Council of State: Design, Implementation and Lessons Learned, in ICT4JUSTICE 2009: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on ICT Solutions for Justice, Skopje, FYR Macedonia,Read… Read more »