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Daily Dose: USPS Changes Proposed in Obama Budget Plan

The United States Postal Service has been delivering mail on Saturday for decades, which may soon come to an end for the fourth time in history as the USPS copes with yearly deficits. President Obama’s 2013 proposed budget backs plans allowing the USPS to cut Saturday mail services, as well as increase the price ofRead… Read more »

Going Postal – The Economic Impact of Resisting Change

Even when the inevitable stares us in the face, our natural inclination is to want things to stay the same. It is safe. We understand the rules and in the routine we find security. Nothing conjures up a sense of stability, reliability, and community more than the US Postal Service. And nothing is more inRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: How Would You Improve the Postal Service?

The mail has been losing out to faster forms of communication for some time now, and it’s put a serious financial strain on the Postal Service. Congress is now looking at dramatically overhauling the agency to return it to financial solvency. Last week, Representative Darrell Issa (R-California) introduced The Postal Reform Act, which would restructureRead… Read more »

It’s time for me to get naked

I’m so excited! Only three days left before I quit mail. The last days I’ve been very busy unsubscribe newsletters, answer the last emails and finding smart solutions to productivity. The only thing I have to do is writing down my out-of-mail reply. Your suggestions are welcome! And finally, on New Year’s day it’s timeRead… Read more »