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This Senator is Making History for Women

Women’s History Month presents us with an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the incredible achievements of women everywhere. One inspiring woman who is still making history today is U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland (pictured above). She is the longest serving woman in the history of Congress, extending her record with each passing day.Read… Read more »

Budget Deal Gives Feds 1% Pay Hike

All federal workers are entitled to a 1% salary increase effective January as part of the budget deal that reopened the government and raised the debt limit, Federal Times reported Thursday. Sean Reilly writes it marks the first across-the-board federal pay raise in three years and allows President Barack Obama to implement with his planRead… Read more »

Feds win reprieve from healthcare excise tax

y Suzanne Kubota Senior Internet Editor Federal employees covered under some of the more expensive plans in the Federal Employees Heath Benefit Program now have some breathing room as well. Federal workers had been left out of an earlier compromise on healthcare reform shielding union workers from a proposed 40-percent excise tax until 2018.Read… Read more »