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OSHA’s Heat Safety Tool

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration‘s new mobile product, the OSHA Heat Safety Tool, allows workers and supervisors to calculate the heat index for their worksite, and, based on the heat index, display a risk level to outdoor workers. The app, which is available on Andriod devices, pulls data from the National Weather Service forRead… Read more »

Trends on Tuesdays: Smartphone Apps

According to research firm comScore Of special note A look at the top smartphone app categories revealed that Weather apps had the largest audience reaching 31 million smartphone owners, or 40.4% of the total U.S. smartphone audience. Social Networking apps closely followed with a smartphone audience of 29.4 million (38.2% reach). Read more at comScore.Read… Read more »

In Detail: NPS National Mall App

People visiting the National Mall can now carry a tour guide in the palm of their hand. Recently, the National Park Service released the “National Mall App” which allows users to take virtual tours, view maps, send postcarrds and get news updates on more than 70 sites on and around the National Mall. Two highlightsRead… Read more »

“Suggest an App” section added to Making Mobile Gov Dialogue

People interested in government mobile products like apps, mobile web and SMS continue to engage in the Making Mobile Gov Dialogue by suggesting, commenting on and voting for the best ideas. A few folks have suggested the federal government create specific mobile products. In response, the Making Mobile Gov team has created the “Suggest anRead… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov: Design Phase

With your help, we’ve discovered the case for Mobile Gov and discussed ten challenges to agencies trying to use mobile technologies to achieve their missions and better serve the American public. Our next step is to gather the smart minds of people in government, industry, nonprofits, academia and the general public to Design Mobile Gov.Read… Read more »

My Food-a-pedia from USDA

Stay healthy this summer with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s My Food-a-Pedia mobile website. The USDA developed this great tool to help people find information on the foods they’re eating. Using this tool, users are able to look up nutritional information on over 1,000 foods, and compare them to one another to make healthy decisions.Read… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov: Discuss Intergovernmental Sharing

This last topic, intergovernmental sharing, is not about Kumbaya. It’s about leveraging what agencies are already doing, jump-starting efforts, and solving a problem once–instead of dozens of times. But there are authorities, budgets, and regulations that can make this smart move a challenge. Share your own experiences and Discuss Intergovernmental Sharing. What are you waitingRead… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov: Discuss Mobile Technical Expertise

Mobile isn’t just a mini-website. So begins the discussion on a challenge that all agencies have named, finding mobile technical expertise. Mobile devices are small. Their operating systems are new and frequently changing. Federal agencies need to tap pioneering technical experts to create usable and useful mobile solutions for the public. And, we need toRead… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov: Discuss Privacy & Identity Management

Day Seven of mobile challenges is about privacy and identity management. Mobile has been called an intimate technology. People carry their mobile devices with them at all times. Their phones have easy access to friends and family contacts, calendars, email, and social networks. The availability of location and personal data requires government to be extraRead… Read more »