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Food for Thought: A Conversation with Orioles Team Nutritionist Sue James

Without knowing the context, when the New York Times quoted Yankees general manager Brian Cashman saying, “We’re trying to build a more perfect beast,” it’s unlikely the average person would know he was talking about nutrition. Yet the Yankees are not the first team in Major League Baseball to bring a nutritionist onto the roster.Read… Read more »

Healthy Eating at Work

I have an accounting degree and a (dusty) nutrition degree, and sometimes it’s more fun to talk about food instead of financial statements! In order to achieve optimal performance at your job, you want to ensure you are properly fueling your body. A healthy diet can lower the risk of many chronic diseases, elevate mood,Read… Read more »

USDA Social Media Moment #7: DC Quake Rocked the District, but the Tweets Rolled On

DC Quake Rocked the District, but the Tweets Rolled On (Click for Photos!) Number seven on our list of Social Media Moments was our August Twitter chat with Food and Nutrition Service’s Under Secretary, Kevin Concannon and ABC’s Dr. Richard Besser. This edition of Dr. Besser’s weekly live chat addressed hunger in America and allowedRead… Read more »

Breast Cancer Care

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of my first iTunes collaboration app: Breast Cancer Care. This iPhone App Provides a FUN WAY to Learn About & ReduceDietary and Behavioral Risk Factors that May Contribute to Breast Cancer. Locate Cancer Care Clinics and Registered Dietitians in your area.Look at mortality and prevalence rates ofRead… Read more »

Help USDA Design a Web game for Success

Last week we posted a call for feedback on the OSTP Blog for an effort to design a game helping kids learn about healthy food choices. We’ll be accepting comments until January 6, and I hope you can share thoughts, experience and specific lessons learned for this type of effort. Specifically, we’re asking for feedbackRead… Read more »