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Sex Offender Supervision in the Nation’s Capital

By Paul S. Brennan, M.P.A. Edited by Leonard Sipes. In 1999 Michael was transferred to the Sex Offender Unit (SOU), a newly implemented offender supervision team. Michael, a mild mannered 55 year old man, was no stranger to the criminal justice system. In 1987 he had been incarcerated for eighteen months on two charges ofRead… Read more »

Sex Offender Registries—Giving Citizens What they Want?

This question will be used as a discussion point for a “Crime and the Media” class at an eastern university. Your opinions are welcomed. Gentlereaders: The study below suggests that sex offender registries are not associated with reduced recidivism (re-arrests or re-convictions). This is not the first study questioning the validity of sex offender registries.Read… Read more »