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Want to Be Seen as Professional? 3 Important Tips

Professionalism in the workplace is a hot topic. Being a “professional” portrays various images based on your perception of its definition. So, what’s your perception? We often think of a suited-up individual with a briefcase. Professionalism is often associated with competence and skill. However, being a skilled employee is not the same as being aRead… Read more »

Become a Brilliant Government Communicator (Part 1 of 5)

Professional communication is probably the most important soft skill a person can have. Our communication style conveys our reliability, responsibility, professionalism, and knowledge. How we express ourselves virtually and in person can make a difference in job applications, interviews, sales pitches, team work, and so much more. Given the importance of the topic, we atRead… Read more »

Communication: Lessons Learned From a State Department Aide

“Speak, she said, as you would write: as if your words were letters of lead, graven there for all time, for which you must take the consequences.” ― Dorothy Dunnett There are plenty of articles, blogs, and comments surrounding the propriety of the chain of emails exchanged between reporter, Michael Hastings, and State Department aideRead… Read more »

The five core values of public administration

Core values is a broad phrase to describe the standards by which we characterize a person, profession, or organization. Throughout the course of brainstorming and analyzing my professional experience, I have settled on a set of five values that are most important in public administration. In order to achieve success at a personal and organizationalRead… Read more »

The Mask: How much of yourself do you show at the office?

When I was first asked to blog in the early days of GovLoop, I thought it sounded like fun but wondered what I’d write about every week. After all, being a government employee isn’t really part of my self-identity. It’s just my job. Sure, I enjoy my job well enough and have a strong workRead… Read more »