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The 4 A’s Government Needs to Protect Your Privacy

“You’ve been hacked.” That is the line that every person dreads waking up to in their inbox. But securing your identity and your privacy is no easy task. The government has been using identity and access management tools for years, commonly known as IAM. IAM uses a four part verification process that helps cut downRead… Read more »

Lost in the Crowd: How the Government Can Learn ID Management from the Private Sector

At a recent panel meeting of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) about how federal agencies can best manage identities to improve engagement and relationships with those customers, an illustrative private sector example came to light. A member of the audience told the story of buying a Dell computer ten years ago, aRead… Read more »

Power and Privacy and Superheroes

As government managers write requirements for digital civic engagement, people need to consider how much of their identity they need to share to ensure accountability and trust in the system, while not discouraging civic participation. The explicit message of modern superhero stories is best summed up in Spiderman’s origin tale, “with great power comes greatRead… Read more »