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Presidential Approval Polls: The Effect of International Events

Presidential approval ratings have important consequences for legislative success and, of course, re-election. We also know presidential approval ratings, when they rise or fall below a certain level, signal future presidential successes or presidential struggles. An approval rising above or falling below 50 percent is an important benchmark. There are many factors influencing fluctuations inRead… Read more »

Vital Signs Reports

New CDC Reports Provide “Vital” Information About Smoking CDC Vital Signs materials released on September 7 focus on adult smoking rates and trends as well as secondhand smoke exposure in the United States. Learn more about what percentage of U.S. nonsmokers are exposed to secondhand smoke and which states have the highest smoking rates.

Why are violent crime rates falling? We Want Your Opinion

Gentlereaders: This is the title of an editorial in the Washington Post on Saturday, January 2, 2010. And as you can see from the national statistic on the bottom half of this article, crime is indeed down and down considerably. There are two thoughts that come to our minds when discussing the decline if crime.Read… Read more »