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Presidential Approval Polls: The Effect of International Events

Presidential approval ratings have important consequences for legislative success and, of course, re-election. We also know presidential approval ratings, when they rise or fall below a certain level, signal future presidential successes or presidential struggles. An approval rising above or falling below 50 percent is an important benchmark. There are many factors influencing fluctuations inRead… Read more »

New from Newton Software: Automated Job Approval

Automated Job Approval features aren’t an original idea. We just thought it was about time that we improve the requisition approval process. We’re thrilled to announce the newest release of Newton Software, Automated Job Approval. This is the most recent addition to our popular corporate applicant tracking software. This is a feature that we’ve beenRead… Read more »

Looking for social media process tips…

Hi everyone, I’m familiar with the process that some agencies have in place to implement social media guidelines and begin using the various tools. In many cases, the guidelines and processes are developed and implemented by the Communication/Public Affairs office — is this pretty much standard practice across the government? If so, I’d be interestedRead… Read more »