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One More Symbol to Wipe Out

The Nazi flag has been designated to the landfill of history. The Confederate flag is about to come down in South Carolina. Unfortunately, one flag still flies high in our nation’s capital, the flag of the Washington R-Word, an emblem of suffering, shame and racism to indigenous people in the USA. During the Confederate flagRead… Read more »

First and Goal: CFCNCA Loaned Executive Teams Compete For Autographed Footballs to Raise Money for Those in Need

The five Loaned Executive (LE) teams have stepped up their game: They are now competing for three valuable autographed footballs to be awarded to the winning LE team’s highest-scoring departments. The winning score will be based on the following statistics: percentage of 2010 goal achieved, percentage of total dollars pledged in 2010 vs. 2009 andRead… Read more »