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Implementing An Organizational Realignment – Useful Guidelines

With any organizational realignment or restructuring the challenge and real work is in the details of implementation. There are risks, challenges and issues to identify, address and manage. Realignment can be as small as rearranging a few positions and responsibilities or a major re-positioning of large divisions, along with changes to their operating units, processesRead… Read more »

The Stress Doc’s “Top Ten Commandments” for Transforming Reorganizational Crisis: Generating the Four “R”s – Relief and Reflection, Rejuvenation and Recommitment – Part I

This past week I led programs with Metro-DC city and county government agencies that are in the throes of reorganization: a) the quasi-private/city government agency is anticipating major overhauls and upgrades to their information processing systems which may result in significant job restructuring and redesign, as well as possible job loss, b) the county governmentRead… Read more »