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Cutting Costs by Building Energy Efficiency

We hear it every day: Government needs to cut costs. But how? If government is going to continue serving the public, there are certain things like workforce, infrastructure, and technology that must receive funding. Instead of cutting vital assets, we must instead seek efficiencies. According to IBM, a primary focus area should be how weRead… Read more »

Learn What Your Building is Telling You: Smarter Buildings Digital Resources

Our buildings are creating troves of data, which deserve careful study and analysis. To explore this dynamic, GovLoop and the IBM® Smarter Buildings Team have partnered to provide you with the need-to-know information on how to transform your agency by unlocking your building data. We have created a white paper, conducted an online training webinarRead… Read more »

Did You Know That By 2025 Buildings Will be the Largest Emitters of Greenhouse Gases on the Planet?

I was taken back a bit by some statistics I read over on the IBM Smarter Buildings website: In the U.S., buildings are consuming 70% of all electricity, and wasting 50% of their share with inefficiency Buildings produce 48% of global carbon emissions and by 2025 they will be the largest emitters of greenhouse gasesRead… Read more »