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Eyes in the Sky: Video Surveillance Made Simpler

Protecting your people, places and data is of paramount importance for governments. One way to increase security is to add more video surveillance, but storing all of that data can overwhelm your system. Network video is changing how state and local governments view the traditional security environment. Network video systems are part of the evolutionRead… Read more »

Follow the Money…

Transparency is a critical issue for governments, but figuring out ways to display complex financial data can be cumbersome. One solution is to create a real-time financial dashboard. Ari Hoffnung, Senior Adviser, is the former Deputy Comptroller for New York City and one of the founders of Checkbook NYC, a financial transparency application widely considered one ofRead… Read more »

Uncovering State And Local Gov’s 15 Hidden Successes

From garbage trucks to vacant lots, cities and states are often tasked with the thankless job of cleaning up a community’s mess. These are tasks that are often overlooked, but are critical to keeping a community vibrant. But even in these sometimes thankless jobs, there are real innovations happening. Take Miami-Dade County where they areRead… Read more »

Look at the Innovations Coming From States

Government innovation is happening at all levels of government. During the 2014 National Association of Chief Information Officers annual conference, the winners of the Recognition Awards were unveiled. The 10 finalists were selected for their outstanding achievement in the field of information technology. Below are my favorite awards from last night. Take a look at theRead… Read more »

How to Build Partnerships the Right Way

In government, we often talk about the importance of building public-private partnerships. In San Jose, they aren’t just talking about building partnerships – they’re actually doing it. The Silicon Valley Talent Partnership, a facilitator of public private partnerships, is working on ways to leverage Silicon Valley’s highly skilled constituents for volunteer efforts to address someRead… Read more »

Fast Tracking New Employees – The Penn Way

When you start a new job the onboarding process can seem endless. You have your technology trainings, security trainings, even getting your email set up can take a day or two to get set up. Seriously. Pennsylvania is working to streamline the onboarding process by going digital. “The state set up an online onboarding programRead… Read more »