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GovLoop Training: How State and Local Government is Leveraging Mobile Technology

Love piles upon piles of paperwork? Do you enjoy using multiple work devices that are questionably secure and most definitely not synchronized? How about heading to your office desktop before an urgent site visit instead of accessing that information in a mobile format? A big fan of these scenarios? Didn’t think so. Mecklenburg County, NCRead… Read more »

Infographic of the Month – July 2013

Several years back Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, started discussing the installation of a light rail transit system. Snapsort, a tech company based on that community, supported that proposal and came up with this infographic to help educate people about light rail transit. It’s a good example of how agencies can use infographics to educate the publicRead… Read more »

Shaking Up City Hall!

Bill Schrier served for 30 years as an employee for the city of Seattle. For the past ten years until his recent retirement Mr. Schrier served as the Chief Technology Officer for Seattle. As part of a Seattle newspaper series, Schrier was asked if he were Mayor of Seattle, what three actions would he takeRead… Read more »

How Can We Protect Critical Infrastructure When We Can’t Even Prevent Message Board Hacking?

Lately we’ve had some experiences in our area with hacking of construction message boards. At first, I figured it must have been some programmers who figured out how to get into the computer system. But after seeing another report of it today, I searched for “how to hack a highway message board” and found thereRead… Read more »

Philadelphia Making Open Government Happen

Philadelphia is one of the leading cities in the country as far as making government more open, transparent and collaborative with citizens. Some of the great things being done in Philadelphia are: – The Mayor has issued an Open Data Executive Order. – Created an Open Data Guidebook for city departments. – Created an OpenRead… Read more »

Copyright and Consultant Exhibits

Today another question came up in our ongoing discussions about copyright and government. So I thought I’d post the scenario and question and see how others viewed this. It seems that many counties, at least in Illinois, arrange for the production of aerials and the creation of data such as parcel information, roadway and waterRead… Read more »

The Moment of Oh! – Introduction (ebook free on the 5th)

Public servants and community leaders get a lot of things right. Because of their efforts, their communities enjoy services and benefits that the community rarely needs to consider. However, a few crucial decisions can become lightning rods for communities we know. This guide was written with those high-voltage community decisions in mind. We, the authors,Read… Read more »