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In Toys As In Data, Sharing is Caring

“Mine! Mine! Mine!” Despite my parents consistently emphasizing the importance of sharing, when it came to my Legos or other favorite toys, sharing wasn’t such a simple task. But as time went on, I got better at sharing and saw the benefits (and lack of scoldings) that it generated. The ability to share is anRead… Read more »

Is Open Data Worth the Hype?

“Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for citizens about what their Government is doing.  Information maintained by the Federal Government is a national asset.”                      – President Barack Obama, in Transparency and Open Government memo. Today, there is an increased focus on the value of open data, especially inRead… Read more »

The Citizen as a Sensor: Engagement through GIS

Millennials are sometimes referred to as the “look down” generation. The assumption is no matter the time or place, our eyes are fixed on a hand-held device. And this comes at a great risk, as some do this while driving, jeopardizing pedestrians and other drivers’ safety. Hearing these stories, parents shake their heads and wonderRead… Read more »

Just What the Doctor Ordered: How To Achieve Smarter Care

Enabled by cutting-edge technology, our personal devices are increasingly interconnected and personalized. If this is the case for retail and entertainment, why should health and social care be any different? At Tuesday’s GovLoop training, Government Health and Social Care Collaboration to Control Costs and Improve Outcomes, moderated by Christopher Dorobek, we spoke with Dr. NickRead… Read more »

The Kids are All Right – But Could be Better

Examining child care management solutions for state and local governments. Govies are hard workers – they’re techies, policy pros, and management rock stars. What’s easy to forget sometimes, is that they’re also moms and dads, aunts and uncles, guardians and godparents. Even for those not in these categories, many work in agencies that involve kids andRead… Read more »

Is Your State Ready for the Midterms?

With midterm elections around the corner, candy and trick-or-treating aren’t the only things on the mind. People are also thinking about voting. For everyday citizens, this constitutes mulling over candidates and political parties. For state administrators, however, this involves reviewing and certifying that voting and registration systems are adequately set in place. Shortly after theRead… Read more »

Leadership and…Barrel Racing?

Horse riders galloping through a rodeo arena, swiftly twisting and turning around barrel obstacles, racing to finish in 20 seconds or less. Go too fast, you risk getting bucked. Go too slow, you won’t win. This, my friends, is barrel racing. Like the intricacies of this wild sport, state and local governments face unique challenges.Read… Read more »

Think Social Media isn’t Public Record? Think Again…

How can social media make government more transparent while minimizing legal risk? At this point, most public agencies employ at least one or two social media platforms and understand their value. They may tout their cool Facebook pages as pre-teens scoff and double-tap photos on Instagram, but any social media presence is better than noRead… Read more »