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Today’s political law links

ETHICS.GOV LAUNCH. Story here. “The new website fulfills a campaign promise made by President Barack Obama to centralize ethics and lobbying information for voters.” OBAMA AND LOBBYING. Naivete? “So when the Republican National Committee uses those words from Obama 2008 to ding Obama 2012, it has a point. But the administration’s real sin isn’t beingRead… Read more »

Political law links for Thurs., March 1

PAC CONFERENCE. From some of the Facebook photos, it looks like the Public Affairs Council’s National PAC Conference was a raving success. HIGHWAY BILL LOBBYING. Roll Call. SNOWE TO K ST.? The Hill. “Retiring Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) would move toward the top of K Street’s recruiting class if she decided to become a lobbyistRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: What happens to that Super-PAC money when a candidate drops out?

Those who are currently running for President are endorsed by Super Political Action Committees which can raise millions of dollars which are used to support the candidate. Those who are avid fans of “The Colbert Report” know that there are many loopholes for Super-PACs, while there are also few rules. Though “The Colbert Report” isRead… Read more »