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Nationwide Grassroots Project Will Amend U.S. Constitution to End Corporate Power in Elections

Restore American democracy. Corporations are not people. Who inspires you? Abolitionists? Suffragists? Union organizers? Civil rights workers? Peace activists? Occupiers? They all have one thing in common. They were ordinary people faced with extraordinary injustice. Then they stood up, walked out of their comfort zones, and into history. They made the world better for allRead… Read more »

Today’s political law links

ETHICS.GOV LAUNCH. Story here. “The new website fulfills a campaign promise made by President Barack Obama to centralize ethics and lobbying information for voters.” OBAMA AND LOBBYING. Naivete? “So when the Republican National Committee uses those words from Obama 2008 to ding Obama 2012, it has a point. But the administration’s real sin isn’t beingRead… Read more »

Political law links for 2/24/12

MIXED PURPOSE TRAVEL RULES IN THE NEWS. Story here. “The act of presidential piggybacking — coupling official duties, in this case a speech on the economy, with political fundraising — was not pioneered by Obama but is prominently on display this year.” MOLINARI TO GOOGLE. Story here. “Former New York congresswoman Susan Molinari has signedRead… Read more »

Sunlight Foundation: House Democrats Introduce DISCLOSE 2012

House Democrats unveiled The DISCLOSE 2012 Act (HR 4010, not up on THOMAS yet) today, a crucial step toward transparency to address the corrupting influence unlimited, secret corporate and union money is having on our elections and our elected officials. Shortly before the second anniversary of the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United decision, the SunlightRead… Read more »

Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group: New nuclear plant builder a major Washington player

The company benefiting from today’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission decision to approve the construction of the first new nuclear plant in the U.S. in over three decades is an influential powerhouse in Washington. Southern Company, a power company based in Atlanta, has spent $130 million lobbying the federal government since 1998, ranking 17th among all organizations,Read… Read more »

GovLoop’s Bureaucrat on Sports – AP Top 25 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision – Mid-Season Evaluation

Let’s get right to it, GovLoopers… it’s the Hokie Guru’s mid-season evaluation of NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision teams. We’ll review the six Bowl Championship Series (BCS) conferences, including the Southeastern Conference (SEC), the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), the Big 12 Conference (Big 12), the Big 10 Conference (Big 10), the Pacific 10 (Pac 10) Conference,Read… Read more »