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NASA Aligns Commercial, Academic Researchers for Space Exploration Research Program

Nine teams of researchers have been selected by NASA to join a collaborative organization that will work on a virtual setting to support the agency’s human space exploration programs. The Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute will bring together U.S. scientists and international partners to help NASA study the moon, near-Earth asteroids and space environments,Read… Read more »

You Forgot Your Socks… Again?! Leadership Priorities in a Time of Change

Today’s post was written by How Gov Lead’s new contributing author, Amber Hansen. Amber has worked in Government contracting for over nine years. She is currently a Project Manager working with Federal Government clients at The Ken Blanchard Companies. Watch this blog for more thought leadership from Amber. Have you ever met someone who isRead… Read more »

What’s the Recipe for Good (Collaborative) Relationships?

Is there a recipe for successful cross-agency relationships that are enduring? Or is each initiative so dependent on context and personalities that there is no way to offer general principles of success? With Valentine’s Day approaching, there are all sorts of advice columns about improving relationships. Well, A new IBM Center report by Dr. JaneRead… Read more »

Requesting help to create really useful events for local government web managers & digital teams

Happy New Year everybody! Hope you’ve had a lovely holiday and looking forward to the new 2013. We accomplished and overcome many things in 2012. We survived the end of the world, celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee, hosted the London Olympics and (most importantly) GOV.UK was launched! It’s been a good year – Express Yourself! ItsRead… Read more »

Initial Enthusiasm and Job Satisfaction

Abstract:The inverse relationship between time on the job and level of satisfaction is driven by the context of organizational decision making. Although Happiness is an inside job to be sure, there are things that can be done to improve organizational bonding and effectiveness. The importance and methods are known. 1) Recognize that the workplace isRead… Read more »

They tried to make us go to rehab. But we said “no,no,no.”

Teams need rehab too. And they can resist it as much as Amy Winehouse. How would you know if your team needed rehab? Here are a couple of clues … The team leader needs to intervene between team members regularly. For example, Team Member “A” ignores Team Member “B’s” repeated requests for information on aRead… Read more »