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State of Immigration Reform in the States

In the past year, state policymakers and Congress introduced nearly one thousand bills dealing with immigration. These bills cover a range of issues, from suspending deportations of legalization-eligible youth to proposing STEM green card programs for the employment of highly-skilled foreign workers in the information technology industry. Caving to pressure from the Democratic party, PresidentRead… Read more »

Preventing An “American Hiroshima”

The Department of Homeland Security and FBI recently issued a memo to its state and local law enforcement partners titled “No Specific Threat to American Jewish Community, Despite Recent World Events.” The intelligence document said in part: “We have no specific information that Iran or its surrogates are targeting Jewish organizations, facilities, or personnel inRead… Read more »

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month through History, Numbers and Public Service

Did you know that we are in the midst of Hispanic Heritage Month? In 1968, President Lyndon Johnson established an annual week-long celebration of the culture and traditions of those who trace their roots to Spain, Mexico and the Spanish-speaking nations of Central America, South America and the Caribbean. In 1988, President Ronald Reagan expandedRead… Read more »

Lighting the Darkness

[Publicly-shareable version of this post (not protected by login):] As of Thursday evening, 9/8/11, much of Southern California, Arizona and Northern Mexico remain in darkness due to an apparent, tripped 500k volt power line near Yuma, AZ, that has resulted in major, regional power outages. Friends and colleagues in our Crisis Commons community areRead… Read more »

Fast and Furious Cleansing- by Joshua Jacobs

It seems well overdue but the head of the ATF and a pair of district attorneys have gotten the boot (call it resignations or a force out) after a Congressional investigation and appearances in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform finally forced the issue. It’s tough to avoid the story, again,Read… Read more »

Tariffs Among NAFTA Nations Not Dead Yet

As previously featured on this blog, trucking rights for Mexican companies in the US has been NAFTA’s most-enduring hot potato issue, since its ratification 15 years ago. This is tied into the US’ non-compliance with NAFTA’s international trucking provisions. While US companies already operate freely in Mexico, the inverse has not yet come to pass.Read… Read more »

IT for Municipalities of 100 thousand citizens or less in México (IN SPANISH – EN ESPAÑOL)

TIC para municipios de 100mil hab o menospubweb.pdf This presentation was writen and presented in the congress “Foro de innovación y modernización Gubernamental 2009” 10 y 11 de agosto 2009 Ciudad de México. Trata acerca de la situación de “TIC de los municipios de 100 mil habitantes o menos en México” y de los espejismosRead… Read more »

NAFTA Wink-Nudge Stalls Mexico’s Trucking in US

The US-Mexican ‘”frontera” is a hot spot for turf rumbles and tariff tussles, on a personal and national scale. At this month’s Leaders Summit in Guadalajara. Presidents Calderon and Obama and Prime Minister Harper classically ducked the thorny subject of NAFTA’s stalled agreement for bi-national trucking reciprocity for Mexico. I suppose Mr. Harper got smartRead… Read more »