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Employee Development – Make it a Priority

In a fiscally constrained environment, one of the first things managers cut is the training budget. This is counterproductive because it limits productivity and reduces Employee Engagement (E2). The Sasha Corporation estimated the average cost to hire and train a new employee is over $9,000. An effective training program can improve performance, productivity, and retention.

Does the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey Matter?

The Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) is a weird animal. Some in the federal sector hail it as the most important document since the Emancipation Proclamation. Others ridicule it as a huge waste of time and one of the biggest sources of pollution in the federal swamp.

Top 10 Millennial-Friendly Federal Agencies

It’s no secret; federal government is very concerned about attracting and keeping millennials in the public workforce. Right now, only about 16 percent of the federal workforce is made up of millenials. According to a recent report by the Government Business Council, the federal government will need to hire more than 200,000 highly skilled workersRead… Read more »