DorobekINSIDER Live: 2018 Gov Innovations That Inspire, Engage and Connect

Government innovation was abundant in 2018. From the way cities collected trash, to the way federal agencies modernized their networks, agencies invested in creative thinking to solve seemingly intractable problems. And while challenges related to the workforce, legacy tech and more remain, it’s important to reflect on those pockets of innovation and share success stories…. Read more »

DorobekINSIDER Live: Biggest IT Pain Points for State and Local Gov

Cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, blockchain, acquisition – these are just a few of the IT challenges and opportunities that state and local agencies are facing when looking to modernize. How can agencies overcome these pain points to implement a more digitally advanced environment? Join us and a panel of government experts on Wednesday, November 7 from 2-3pm… Read more »

Identify, Discover, Decide With Imagery and GIS

Hidden in every image are numerous elements of information. By applying geographic information systems (GIS), you can unlock that information to support building strategies, creating long-term plans and improving decision making in your agency. But how do you actually unlock that information? Join us on Thursday, November 8 from 2-3pm ET/11am-noon PT to learn how easy it… Read more »

Investing a Little to Save a Lot: How Migration Tools Can Help Gov Make the Most of Its Cloud Investments

In 2018, the White House mandated that agencies invest in updating legacy systems and move to the cloud as part of the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act. The act will help propel agencies on their digital transformation journeys and also help cut costs. We’ve heard this before, that cloud can help gov save money, but… Read more »

Preparing for Your Future: How to Create an Awesome IDP

In government, getting to the next level in your career often means following very specific sets of steps and processes. One way to accelerate your development is to invest time and energy into your yearly Individual Development Plan (IDP). Your IDP is an important tool to help you develop new skills and obtain goals to… Read more »