Rebuild, Rethink, Reformulate – How GIS Can Strengthen Our Nation’s Infrastructure

The nation’s infrastructure is at a critical crossroads. Roads, sewers, bridges and transportation networks are in major need of upgrades and simply put, the sustainability of our infrastructure is in question. But where do state and local governments begin when it comes to prioritizing projects or choosing to fix vs rebuild? Responding to the infrastructure crisis requires a different approach. By using geodesign… Read more »

Cloud, Analytics and Security – The Intersection of Government and Technology

For too long the government has been saddled with slow and outdated legacy systems. But as the government invests in modernization efforts, the look and feel of government technology and the way agencies organize their staffs is changing. In order to fulfill the promise of modernization, agencies need to focus on the cloud and how… Read more »

Building the Public Sector Workforce of the Future

For years government experts have forecasted the retirement tsunami when all the baby boomers would start to retire, and now it seems like the forecasts are coming true. This retirement tsunami will bring record numbers of employees who are headed into retirement, which leaves a huge vacuum of knowledge and insider information across public sector… Read more »

How to Lead Effective Meetings

Learn how to make your meetings matter. Everyone has been to them, most hate them and few are done well. What are we talking about? Meetings! In fact, studies show that poorly run meetings are a multi-billion-dollar problem in U.S. organizations. By not optimizing their efficiency and effectiveness, meetings can waste precious time and resources…. Read more »

Modernizing Public Health Preparedness

The frequency and severity of emergencies and disasters is on the rise and public health preparedness professionals are increasingly on the “front-lines” of the response efforts. This response includes collecting and analyze field data from impacted communities while communicating the impact of the incident to the public. Often, public health is tasked with coordinating their… Read more »

Can AI and Chatbots Really Revolutionize the Citizen Experience?

The future of government technology is here. And agencies are looking to take advantage of this technological innovation by investing in artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots to transform the way they interact with citizens. Yet, how do agencies move AI and chatbots – beyond the latest buzzword – to actually work in government? How are… Read more »

As Technology Changes, So Does the Workforce – How Can Agencies Keep Up?

Technology is changing at a faster rate than ever before. Government agencies can’t continue to find new talent or resources to keep up the latest tech trends. According to the American Staffing Association, 76 percent of organizations say technology is outpacing employees’ knowledge, directly impacting the current skills gap in available talent. So what can… Read more »