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Why Federal Government Needs Partnered Cloud Solutions

This blog post is an excerpt from our GovLoop Academy course, How to Innovate in Federal Government

Partnered cloud and data center solutions offer federal agencies a way to meet the innovation demands of our digital era, without breaking budgets or overtaxing IT departments. A prime example of these partners is VMware and AWS, working together.

VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud is a jointly engineered secure, scalable cloud service that brings VMware’s rich Software-Defined Data Center software to the AWS GovCloud (US) Region. VMware Cloud on AWS GovCloud integrates VMware’s compute, storage and network virtualization products along with VMware vCenter Server management, optimized to run on dedicated, elastic, bare-metal AWS infrastructure.

With the same architecture and operational experience on-premises and in the cloud, IT teams can now quickly derive instant business value from use of the AWS and VMware hybrid cloud experience

This setup, where VMware’s data center solution suite is run and managed within AWS cloud, helps agencies overcome many common challenges:

For instance, organizations can leverage their existing investments.

Deploying VMware in the AWS cloud doesn’t require new licenses or hardware. Nor does it require agencies to hire or train staff to adopt new processes or learn new skills. The management and governance processes associated with your on-premise VMware data center will easily translate to the AWS cloud.

That setup also simplifies management.

It also creates operational consistency with familiar VMware technologies and routines across agency environments. IT departments can utilize the vCenter Server for both on-premise and cloud SDDC management. That creates a consistent, seamless hybrid IT environment that combines enterprise-grade VMware software with the functionality, security, and operational expertise of AWS.

IT personnel already know how to use their existing tools. Plus, if they have licensing, lifecycle management, or support issues, they only have one number to call – instead of trying to manually bridge contacts from data center and cloud providers.

VMware on AWS cloud allows agencies to more quickly and easily leverage cloud capabilities.

Organizations can limit capital expenses, predict costs more easily, and eliminate complexity during cloud transitions – all without having to invest in new hardware or learn new processes.

The strategic connection between VMware and AWS creates bi-directional workload portability, meaning applications and processes can easily move to the cloud and back on premise as needed. Plus, agencies can leverage enterprise-grade security offered by AWS micro- segmentation and encryption capabilities.

AWS GovCloud (US) is an isolated AWS region designed to host sensitive data and regulated workloads, helping agencies support their US government compliance requirements. Those include the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (or FedRAMP) requirements.

Most importantly, leveraging partnered solutions accelerates government innovation.

VMware workloads running on AWS Cloud have native access to a suite of AWS services including compute, database, analytics, security, application services and more. Those services enable agencies to innovate at a rapid pace, without having to build their own custom applications or platforms.

To learn more, watch our 10 minute self-paced course, How to Innovate in Federal Government

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