5 Resources for Resilience

News of being able to saunter freely about outdoors is taking a little while longer, and then a little while longer. While we’ve been waiting, some have lost jobs. And still, others have lost loved ones. In this period of restraint and loss, we need to be resilient for others and ourselves.

Resiliency looks like a lot of things, as the writers below have suggested. It can look like changing your perspective or accepting circumstances as they are. It can be both. But ultimately, resiliency is the practice of withstanding challenges in life, regardless of how difficult or how long.

We all need some inspiration to be resilient these days. Though each of these posts originates from different times and different circumstances, there are lessons in each we hope will inspire you to stay resilient during this time.

10 Tips to Increase Your Resilience

“Building resiliency isn’t just about practicing meditation and staying calm; it’s also a way to have fun and find new outlets.”

Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

“Prioritize taking care of yourself and carve out time on your calendar for recovery, whether it’s taking a ten-minute walk every afternoon or cooking yourself a healthy meal after work.”

5 Steps to Building Resilience

“First, Edgette said it’s important to understand what resilience even means, or how you define it. It can encompass a lot, but it starts with being able to bounce back…”

Keys to Resiliency

“The most resilient person I know is my 95-year-old Aunt Mae. … From my perspective, life has been pretty hard on Aunt Mae, yet she is the happiest, most content person I know. How is that possible?”

Boost Your Resiliency

“Personal resiliency can lead to professional resiliency, which then leads to a resilient organization – an organization that is able to achieve its core objectives regardless of conditions.”

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Stephanie Smith

it is normal for the children to be resilience if there are any unexpectation events but for this covid-19, the adults was probably become anxiety at the beginning of this event .Eventually,they getting together to accept this fact that already impact on all of us. it was unrealistic in the beginning of the event then guess we have to deal with it . we can make the best as we can during this event.