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The Factory Model

Craig Thomler’s post about redesigning government got me thinking about the other ways that legacies from the Industrial Revolution are no longer serving us well. The language could use some updating. So could the ways we think about how best to structure work. One of my recent favorite non-fiction books is “Shop Class as SoulRead… Read more »

All Spun Out

Once upon a time, in the grand heyday of advertising, marketing, and communications, all you had to do was find your slogan, develop your logo, and repeat the message as often as possible. Smoking makes you cool. And then two things happened: First, too many marketers spent too much time lying and undermined their ownRead… Read more »

Who isn’t talking about Facebook?

Ok, so everyone is talking about Facebook and its IPO. There are several elements about this that I find interesting, none of which involve the billions of dollars that the IPO is going to raise. 1) So many of the overnight success stories we are talking involve businesses with a model that can be describedRead… Read more »