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Enterprise License Agreements: Good Practice or Recipe for Disaster

As public sector budgets get smaller, many organizations have tried to consolidate and standardize on technologies to achieve savings. The movement has led many state government entities to consider adopting enterprise license agreements (ELAs) . Is pursuing an ELA with a vendor a practical way of saving money or a recipe for disaster by lockingRead… Read more »

How does one become a CIO?

I am not going to lie. My goal is to one day be the CIO of a government agency. Of course, I really don’t know what educational back and job experience one needs. I have a MPA and I am planning on going back to school in an IT related field. Aside from having aRead… Read more »

Diary of a Frustrated Young Professional- Letting Somebody Go

Dear all knowing Internet, I know its been a long time since I have last called upon your all knowing goodness, but this time I am extremely frustrated. In New York State, the public employee union I belong to rejected our new contract. As a result, many young professionals including myself have been notified thatRead… Read more »

Diary of a Frustrated Young Professional -To Blog or Not to Blog. That is the question.

Dear all knowing Internet, Yes, I know its been two weeks since my last post. But after surviving the flooding of Hurricane Irene then Lee, consoling a dying computer, moving to a new apartment, and dealing with a puppy, I have returned to my blog. Don’t worry, I’m still frustrated. Over the past two weeks,Read… Read more »

Diary of a Frustrated Young Professional – Oh Leader Where Art Thou?

Dear all knowing internet, Remember the Where’s Waldo books from your childhood? I remember being entertained for hours trying to find Waldo wondering amass a sea of interesting characters. Well my friends, that’s how I feel about the leaders in government. I sometimes feel like my perception of a leader (forward thinking, loyal, open minded,Read… Read more »