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5 Things You Need to Know About Transition News This Week

Changes in federal government keep coming fast. That’s why GovLoop is giving you these weekly recaps of presidential transition news that may affect agency management and employment.

When Cutbacks Become Amputations: Trim the Fat, Not the Foot

The idea of cutbacks doesn’t have to be synonymous with layoffs, but when budget cuts are imminent it’s only logical that we start looking for redundancies in our staff. But consider what this means. Nobody takes it lightly when the axe man cometh, but when we eliminate staff we are making the declaration that theirRead… Read more »

Diary of a Frustrated Young Professional- Letting Somebody Go

Dear all knowing Internet, I know its been a long time since I have last called upon your all knowing goodness, but this time I am extremely frustrated. In New York State, the public employee union I belong to rejected our new contract. As a result, many young professionals including myself have been notified thatRead… Read more »