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Free IT Dollars for Innovation

Over this series of Federal Insights posts, we’ve put together a checklist to help agencies make the shift to the New IP. The New IP represents the networking industry’s recognition that legacy networks, which account for a large part of the federal government’s infrastructure, can limit innovation. The New IP is an emerging networking foundationRead… Read more »

Follow The New IP Part II: Adopting Software-Based IT Infrastructure

In our last post we introduced the concept of the New IP – the software-centric, open IT environment designed to support federal tech priorities like mobility and the cloud. Over a series of Federal Insights posts, we are putting together a checklist to help agencies make the shift to the New IP. Demanding open standards from technologyRead… Read more »

Is Your Agency On The Road To Software-Defined IT?

Cloud, mobility, the Internet of Things – these transformative technologies mandate government agencies rethink their IT strategies. Now, more than ever before, the federal government needs to rapidly deploy innovative capabilities to support a more connected and automated environment. A growing number of connections and a steadily rising influx of data to manage are creatingRead… Read more »

Changing the Lens on Government IT: Refocusing on Innovation

The federal government faces a daunting IT challenge. Due to aging legacy infrastructure and out-of-control maintenance costs, agencies are struggling to keep pace with best practices that have become commonplace in the commercial space. Benchmarking government objectives with industry standards is a great starting point for driving innovative technologies that allow the government to getRead… Read more »

Stop Focusing on Vanity Metrics and Optimize the Government’s Data Centers

It has been almost five years since the federal government launched the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI). The initiative called for agencies to reduce the government’s 3,100 data centers by 40 percent. This effort was anticipated to save the federal government as much as $5 billion by 2015. However, instead of moving steadily towards achieving theseRead… Read more »

Changing the Network Conversation

On August 13, Brocade co-hosted the 2014 Federal Forum with MeriTalk, bringing together leaders in government and industry to talk about changing the network conversation to bring the federal government into the 21st century.  Change can be scary, especially to a community as risk-averse as the federal government – but change is also necessary –Read… Read more »