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A MILE Ahead

The irrepressible Dr. Mohamed Moustafa Mahmoud (a.k.a. “3M” to his many friends and business contacts) weaves a bracing mix of past and future and business insight into every ten-minute presentation. As I sat listening to 3M welcome a group of CEO’s from the likes of Siemens, the Ulker-Turkey conglomerate and Jordan’s Hikmah Pharma group toRead… Read more »

Fear Factor – Bill Connor’s April 22 Column from

Solicitor General Donald Verrilli picked the wrong day to get the jitters last month. Fighting to keep The Affordable Health Care Act intact in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, he hesitated, he stuttered, he coughed, he gulped ice water – he didn’t make a strong impression. The New Yorker’s legal writer Jeffrey Toobin summedRead… Read more »

Perils of The Open Mike – Bill Connor’s April 5 Column From

Just as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow in the east, politicians and business types will continue to forget the presence of a live microphone at precisely the wrong times. Consider President Obama talking sotto voce with Dmitry Medvedev after a joint appearance a couple of weeks ago, confiding to the Russian President thatRead… Read more »

Stay The Course in the Q&A

All went according to plan. The CIO’s presentation at the online video conference grabbed the audience’s attention with a memorable storyline, visuals worthy of an Apple new product launch, and unmistakable “marching orders.” She told them why they should care and what she wanted them to do. But then came the Question-And-Answer period. An underpaidRead… Read more »

Brand Yourself

As I pounded away on the health club elliptical machine yesterday morning while watching Republican Sen. Jim DeMint on “Morning Joe,” I was once again reminded of the importance of “branding” yourself (or your agency, your product, your program, etc.) whenever you’re speaking in public. Here’s the setup: DeMint was invited on the show toRead… Read more »