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Seattle – FYI – Data Position – National Child Welfare role

I came across this – and, if you are qualified, it is a great role and a great organization. Casey Family Programs, an Equal Opportunity Employer, is a national operating foundation that provides and improves—and ultimately prevents the need for—foster care. We are currently looking for a Systems Improvement Advisor with a focus on dataRead… Read more »

Some thoughts while reading Human Sigma

Some thoughts while reading Human Sigma by John H. Fleming and Jim Asplund (Gallup Press, 2007) These are not quotes or summaries, these are thoughts which ensued. (Originally posted on Who Cares and So What wiki http:/ <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> MEASUREMENT DOES NOT EQUAL CONTROL It seems that many people feel like they are being controlled ifRead… Read more »

I had a great day

I had a great day because the folks I work with listened to what I had to say about transparency and Gov 2.0. I expect they’ll be checking out GovLoop and reading this post. That will be a very fine thing. We have a great group of people looking for ways to communicate and buildRead… Read more »

Leadership Reflections Part 4 – December 28, 2001

From my Blog Gerry La Londe-Berg, written December 28, 2001 Here are several lessons I’ve learned about leadership, supervision and management (three distinct things). The very first lesson I recall learning about management came from a camp director when I was a sophomore in high school. Steve Noceti told me, “If you want toRead… Read more »

Leadership Reflections Part 3 – Leadership Managment and Supervision

From Leadership descriptions and configurations of the roles of leadership, management and supervision vary widely. I have come to the conclusion that there can never be a final answer because no one can understand and implement their understanding in their lifetime. What we can do is accept that there are many fine people who wouldRead… Read more »