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Lessons Learned as a Young Supervisor

I landed my first supervisory job at the age of 29 (considerably young, in HUD years).  While the 3 years of experience definitely resulted in more gray hairs (and more frequent trips to the stylist for highlights), I learned a lot along the way. Confidence – I remember one of my very first meetings atRead… Read more »

Seven Steps to Successful Supervision

Whether you’ve been a supervisor for years or are new to managing people, the relationship between you as a supervisor and those you supervise is one of the most important. But between long, busy workdays and stressful situations, that relationship can get ignored or thrown out the door entirely. Elisa Ortiz, deputy director of governmentRead… Read more »

The School of Rock: How Vague Supervisory Expectations Don’t Work

This blog post was originally published on Author: Mark Leheney In the business of supervisory development, we have a favorite old story that makes a powerful point. Here it is: A supervisor says to an employee, “Bring me a rock.” So the employee responds, proudly delivering a rock to the supervisor’s desk. “I didn’tRead… Read more »

Creating the Right Climate: Using Critical Success Factors To Define the Standard of Performance

You may not know that two of most important steps managers can take to encourage high performance from employees are to (1) tell them what is expected and (2) give them the tools to manage themselves to the stated objectives. What if there were a tool that helped you clarify expectations? Think about it… WhenRead… Read more »

The Myth of “Amazing Managers”

A couple weeks ago, I shared a blog post promoting a free online training hosted by GovLoop and Young Government Leaders (YGL) entitled “Top 3 Secrets to Being an Amazing Manager.” It turns out that “there are no secrets,” according to our presenter Tom Fox, the Vice President for Leadership and Innovation at the PartnershipRead… Read more »

What Are the Secrets to Being an Amazing Manager?

Being a manager isn’t easy — especially when you’re confronted with tight resources and tough decisions. And being a manager is different from being a leader, right? Leaders cast an inspiring vision and empower people at an organizational level to achieve it. Managers are really the front-line supervisors responsible for ensuring the goals are executedRead… Read more »