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Why Do They Ignore My Email?

If you are asking yourself this question, I’m here to help. You Are Frustrated You have been sending your team email for a long time. Some people on the team are good at responding and others…well let’s just say they don’t seem to be as “on top of it”. You were talking about a specificRead… Read more »

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Do you struggle with this too? It can take different forms: ‘Doing it yourself’ when it would be better to let someone else handle it. Gold plating, which is adding more features because you think they are ‘cool’. Putting extra effort towards something other than your product without any potential value to the customer. AndRead… Read more »

PMP Boot Camp Training – Why Not?

I am learning American Sign Language (ASL) right now. My ASL II course final was last night. It was difficult, but I think I did OK. You may not know this, but ASL is it’s own language. With learning any new language, there are standard things like sentence structure unique to the language, vocabulary, etc.Read… Read more »

How To Estimate Project Work

Recently my team and I tried out a modified hybrid method of doing project estimation. I’d like to share it with you today. This method is essentially a combination with the Delphi method of estimation that I have used before, and a agile method of estimation. Check out my friend Travis’ post on Cost EstimationRead… Read more »