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New Jersey of Challenge of Federal Mandate Raises Public Administration Questions

By Sam Williford, Associate Consultant Plans by the state of New Jersey announced by Governor Chris Christie yesterday to defy federal law raises some interesting questions about the balance of power between the states and federal government. This standoff however is not about the Affordable Care Act, but about a 1992 federal ban on sportsRead… Read more »

Forty Years Later Johnson’s Policies Leave a Lasting Impact

By Samuel Williford, Associate Consultant Robert Caro’s latest work, “The Passage of Power”, came out recently, and documents the period of Lyndon B. Johnson’s career from 1960 to 1965. Having a chance to reflect on that period in American history has helped me to realize how influential it is today, and how many of theRead… Read more »

Innovative Fels Social Media Report in American City & County Magazine

In “Social Media Pulls Communities Together” by S.A. Reid, The Second Edition of the Fels Social Media Report is highlighted in American City & County. To check out the article, click here. The article highlights how governments utilize social media to interact with citizens during and following disasters and other major events, which is anRead… Read more »

Value for the Money: What governments need to tell the tax-paying public

Most of us paid our taxes this week, and didn’t grumble too much. But taxpayers may not have had a great sense of satisfaction about it either. By Eric Rabe, Fels Senior Advisor A Pew study last year found that most Americans are “frustrated” with the federal government — a number that has been aboveRead… Read more »

Grassroots Effort Leads to Big Local Change in Urban Area

By Katherine Parker, Associate Consultant, MPA’12 In early March, we completed a six month engagement with a coalition of seven synagogues along Pennsylvania’s Old York Road and presented our final action plan for the revitalization of the area. Although the project is at an end, it feels much more like a new beginning – withRead… Read more »

Social Media Privacy is a Hot Topic

By Eric Rabe, Fels Senior Advisor In an announcement on Friday, Facebook said it is taking steps to prevent employers from getting access to the FB accounts of employees. It’s the right call. The surprising thing is that it was even a question. What is the implication for governments and agencies? Of course, Facebook isRead… Read more »