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Collective Intelligence

This morning on the Federal Web 2.0 Virtual Webinar – The Rise of NOAA’s Goverati – different aspects and benefits of social networking were considered. At one point, the notion of “collective output” or “combined input” was mentioned. I did a little research on “collective intelligence” and found some sources on the subject including “TheRead… Read more »

Twitter Turns Thwee!

With the speed that technology swoops in, takes ground, and starts to proliferate, many often are very familiar with the in-s and out-s of the latest and greatest, tout the technology to no end, but for the life of them, have no idea where it came from. This is true for me. And since IRead… Read more »

Twitter Spreads Like Wildfire

Metaphorically speaking, someone apparently has lit a match (in San Francisco) in a dry forest with lots of leaves and brush with the right temperature and wind level and there is no water in sight. A fire, you ask? In San Francisco? Oh Yes. A fire. A huge, consuming everything in its sight fire (exceptRead… Read more »

Join the Conversation…Be the Conversation. Is Twitter Fueling Innovation?

Yesterday in my journey into the twittersphere I highlighted 3 observations that I find most appealing about the micro-blogging site. To summarize all three in one thought, I see Twitter as providing users a constant flow of interest-tailored mind-castings, a living discussion forum, and a place to take a penny and leave a penny. I’veRead… Read more »

Friday Follow?

It’s day 3 of my journey through twittersphere. This morning when I started reading my fresh Friday flow of tweets, I noticed a significant number that read- #fridayfollow… and then suggested a username with @username… Friday Follow? While I’ve learned the basic twitter commands, RT (retweet), DM (direct message), to shrink long, character wastingRead… Read more »

Tweet Type?

Last night at my company’s Leadership Development meeting we were discussing Patrick Lencioni’s book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Since it is quite true that you learn best by doing, our leader began a role-playing exercise by first splitting us up into different groups. Our goal was to act out common team scenarios…while theRead… Read more »